Friday, 30 October 2015

Addition Strategies Poster

In Room 12 we have been revising the strategies we know to solve problems. We made posters to show the different ways we can solve addition problems. Addition Strategies Posters on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Athletics Reminder

Athletics Reminder
13 November2015
Thank you, to all the parent who have completed the permission slips for their child/children to take part in our 
Annual School Athletics Day.

Important to know…
Your child will be competing in the age group, according to their birth year. Please remind your child of their birth year. This will make it easier for your child to know where to be on the day.

Age Groups for 2015

Year Born in
Age Group
5 year olds
6 year olds
7 year olds
8 year olds
9 year olds
10 year olds
11 year olds
12 year olds
13 year olds

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Calendar Art

Room 12 have made some wonderful calendar pictures that they coloured in using pastels with a woven background. Our calendar art this term was based around our Maori Animal Myths and Legends unit.The art will be displayed on our window until Friday week 8. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Maths Roadshow 28-08-15

Maori Animal Myths and Legends

Last week Room 12 listened to a range of Maori Animal Myths and Legends that they re-told in their own words.  Our Visual Art unit-Block Printing and our calendar art will be based on the Maori Animal Myths and Legends.


Dolphins are very playful animals.Dolphins have a lot of energy. Early Maori believed that when beached dolphins or whales were a gift from Tangaroa (the god of the sea). The beached dolphins or whales was not wasted because they ate all the meat,they used the oil for cooking and they caved the bones or made the bones into jewellery or for instruments, weapons or tools. Playful dolphins are nominated as kaitieke (guardians) rather than taniwha (monsters).

When Kupe set off to rarotonga to battle the giant octopus. Kupe found the octopus  at raukawa (cook strait). After the fight he killed the  fierce monster.

In the 1900s in the french pass fishermen thought that they saw a white dolphin and thought it was Kupe’s white dolphin.

By Sophie

The kaka bird
The kaka is known as a loud cheeky bird.The kaka was hunted for food and its feathers were used for cloaks.Some kakas were pets and were used to say karakias.
One day kaka and kakariki meet in the forest and started to fight.”Tane loves me more said kaka “Tane gave me brown feathers so I can catch more bugs then you.” “No Tane loves me more because I have green feathers like the forest and red feathers like the sunset” said kakariki.”No Tane loves me more,you can be seen from miles away so you can't catch bugs like me” cried kaka.kakariki was distraught.
Soon kakariki realised that kaka was right.”I will hide the feathers for you,I will hide them under my wing” said kaka, “Ok” said kakariki and handed over the feathers.Kaka put the feathers under his wings and flew off.When kakariki saw how beautiful kaka looked with the red feathers under his wing,kakariki realised he had been tricked by Kaka.



The Kereru is a vainest bird in the forest. He has beautiful feathers and he also brushes his feathers like brushing hair.Early maori adored Kererus but they also ate them and they use their beautiful feathers.

Hina’s husband died so she threw herself into the sea to drown but she floated to a river and two brothers found her and took her to their village. The chief said you will be my wife’’ but Hina said ‘’no’’ the chief ‘’ said ‘’ I am the chief you have to do what I say’’.

Then Hina’s brother said to the god of kindness please help me find my sister so he turned him into a kereru called rupe.He flew away to found Hina. Rupe saw Hina so he called to her ‘’Hina’’ and she knew that voice so she went outside Rupe grabbed her and they flew away to live with Rehua in the tenth heaven.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Practise your Hip Hop moves

Cabbage Patch
Running man
Pop and lock
About the break dance
Break dance
Humpty dance
Dirt off the shoulder
Crank that
Stanky leg
The Carlton
Sponge Bob
Break your legs
Super man

Nae Nae


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Advertisements- TV ads

Room 12 have been learning all about persuasive writing. In term 2 the focus was to write persuasive arguments and learn about how advertisements persuade people too.

After learning about the features of an advertisement, Rm 12 created their own advertisements for products that they had created.

For an extra activity some students created TV commercials to advertise their product and persuade the audience to buy their product now!


Background information
Many different types of käkahu (cloaks) exist, and some are particularly highly prized. Chiefly garments like korowai (tasselled cloaks) and kahu huruhuru (feathered cloaks) convey the mana (prestige) of the wearer. Such cloaks are worn during Matariki celebrations and on other important occasions. Matariki could be considered the fashion week for käkahu!
The art of weaving is greatly respected. Woven into the designs and details of cloaks are the stories of the weaver and their iwi (tribe). Other designs can tell stories about the wearer and the purpose of the cloak’s creation. In the past, most chiefly cloaks were given names.
This custom has been passed down through the generations and is alive and well today among iwi throughout the country. Weavers are valued not just for their skill but for the way in which their work weaves the generations together.

The käkahu of Ranginui (sky father) and Papatüänuku (earth mother)
If we look above, we can see the käkahu of Ranginui twinkle in the night sky. If we look below to the forests here on Earth, we can see the cloak that keeps Papatüänuku warm.
When Rangi (sky father) and Papa (earth mother) were separated, their son Täne (god of the forest) felt badly for his parents in their lonely nakedness. So he clothed them. He clothed his father Rangi with the stars, the moon, and the sun. He clothed his mother Papa in the warmth of the Great Forest of Täne.

Kahu kurï – dog-skin cloaks
Kahu kurï are among the most treasured cloaks and a sign of the wearer’s prestige. Few remain today because the kurï (Pacific dog) became extinct in the 1800s. In the past, they were worn by leaders in war – the thickness of the cloak‘s foundation acted like amour when immersed in water. The hairs from the kurï’s tail were particularly highly prized because they were the longest and most luscious.
Kaitaka – fine flax cloaks
Kaitaka (known to the people of the Whanganui River as parawai) are unadorned by dog skin, tassels, or feathers. Their beauty is the result of the weaver’s ability to create a silken foundation of the finest flax and intricate patterns along the borders.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Angles- Learning about angles

Try measuring these angles using the links below. 

Go on to measuring the angles using a protractor. Don’t forget to rotate the protractor so that one of the arms is on the 0 degree line.

Doing good because good is good to do

  Tony- PB4L Certificate for being respectful towards others

Braden- PB4L Certificate for following adult instruction and being a good classroom role model. 
 Leon, Dayton, Ethan and Braden-Collaboration certificate for working well as a group
Chloe, Elisa and Strantz- Collaboration Certificate for working well as a group during our class challenge tasks.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

PB4L Collaboration Activity- Spaghetti Towers

Purpose: To collaborate with others. 

Task: To make the highest self standing tower within the set timeframe and materials given. 
Time: 25mins
Materials: Half a pack of spaghetti and 1 strip of Blu Tak.

Winners of the Collaboration Certificate

 Winning Group

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Rm 12 Pepeha

Sunday, 3 May 2015


Room 12 thoroughly enjoyed their 1st swimming lesson for the term!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Sophie's Recount Writing

On ANZAC day for lunch I had scones. I made the scones with my mum. The dough felt like gooe. When I felt the dough it got stuck to my fingers and my nails . When I ate my scones they tasted fantasic . I tried one with butter and strawberry jam. When it was the afternoon me and my mum made chocolate chip cookies and me and my brother mac ate lots of chocolate chip cookies. On sunday we had scones for lunch again and some more chocolate chip cookies and they were fantastic and yummy.


Word study activity-Adjectives and Synonym Personal Word clouds

A few examples of the synonym word clouds that Room 12 created.
After learning about adjectives and synonyms, Room 12 wrote down 12 adjectives about themselves using google docs. They then used the research/dictionary tool to find the synonyms for the adjectives they chose. Using Tagul, each child created their own personal word cloud about themselves. 

A fe