Saturday, 14 February 2015

House colour day

Everyone at Reremoana School have been put into 4 different houses: Totara- Green, Kauri-Blue, Kowhai-Yellow and Rimu- Red. We had a great afternoon meeting with the people in each house and selecting House Captains. We then created house chants and had a parade around the field, showing off our banners and chants.

 Room 12 students in Totara House
 Room 12 Students in Rimu House
Room 12 students (and me) in Kauri House
Room 12 students in Kowhai House

The Scoop On My Summer- Homework Activity

The Scoop On My Summer

Use the ice-cream template to create your very on ‘The scoop on my summer’. Use each scoop of ice-cream to show what you did over the summer holidays. You can draw and colour in pictures, use photos, use words, magazine pictures or anything else you can think of. Please create your ice-cream and be prepared to share it and hand it in for our wall display on Friday.

                                                       Jayden  sharing his 'scoop on summer'
 Elisa's fantastic ice-cream
Ashlee sharing all about her summer

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Room 12's Classroom Treaty

Act Safely 
-Walk in class
-Take Turns
-Use equipment safely

Be Respectful
- Don’t talk while others are talking
- Be on time
- Be organised and ready to learn
- Look after each other's property.

Consider your choices
- Think about what you’re doing
 - Make good learning choices
 - If we are faced with a problem we will use our W.I.T.S and traffic light thinking.

Do good because good is good to do
- Help each other. 
- Make sure our classroom environment is tidy.