Sunday, 22 March 2015

Celebrating St Patrick's Day

 Creative writing from a picture of a man and a leprechaun.

One sunny day an old man was picking mushrooms from the garden. Suddenly as the old man turned to the left he saw a small green leprechaun on a big fat mushroom. The green leprechaun stared at the old man for ten seconds, then he picked up the mushroom with the green leprechaun on it. The man caught the leprechaun  and the leprechaun asked the man "Are you ok?
 The old man replied "no".  The leprechaun asked "why are you not ok?" 
"because I don't have any money and I live lonely" said the old man". 
"Maybe I can help you" said the leprechaun, "when a human catches a leprechaun, they give you a pot of gold" 
Then the leprechaun ran back home as fast as he could and gave his pot of gold to the man.
"Thank you so much" said the man "you're welcome " said the leprechaun.

By Natalie

Celebrating St Patrick's Day in Room 12!

We researched and watched videos about the history of St Patrick's Day. We wrote create stories and made Shamrocks to show why we are lucky.
We also enjoyed 'Leprechaun Jelly' and 'Irish Floats'-They were yummy! 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Our Picasso Inspired Portraits

We Are Learning About: Art inspired by Pablo Picasso

We Are Learning To: Identify colours that complement each other and use these complementary colours to show both views of the face in our portraits.

Monday, 2 March 2015