Monday, 27 April 2015

Sophie's Recount Writing

On ANZAC day for lunch I had scones. I made the scones with my mum. The dough felt like gooe. When I felt the dough it got stuck to my fingers and my nails . When I ate my scones they tasted fantasic . I tried one with butter and strawberry jam. When it was the afternoon me and my mum made chocolate chip cookies and me and my brother mac ate lots of chocolate chip cookies. On sunday we had scones for lunch again and some more chocolate chip cookies and they were fantastic and yummy.


Word study activity-Adjectives and Synonym Personal Word clouds

A few examples of the synonym word clouds that Room 12 created.
After learning about adjectives and synonyms, Room 12 wrote down 12 adjectives about themselves using google docs. They then used the research/dictionary tool to find the synonyms for the adjectives they chose. Using Tagul, each child created their own personal word cloud about themselves. 

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Circus Challenge

On the 5th of May Tui Team is very excited to have the opportunity to be involved with ‘Circus Challenge’. Circus In Education is an Australian company that are touring around New Zealand offering a 45min circus performance and an1 hour workshop for our students to be involved in.  The fee per child to participate is $10 and will need to be paid by to the office by the 1st May 2015

9am Circus Performance: From start to end your staff and students will be captivated, engaged and rolling in the aisles with laughter. We aim firstly to engage with your school, motivate your students and show that PE, The Arts and the Classroom can all come together in an amazing burst of circus fun.

Circus Workshop: Juggling . Diabolo . Plate Spinning . Hula Hoop . Twirling Poi . Acrobatic Adagio . Spin Sticks . And so much more !

Our colourful and fast-paced circus workshop sessions are tailored to each year group.Our station based program means that students will rotate through a range of activities and have the opportunity to discover and explore elements of the circus in both group and individual pursuits. Our circus trainers will guide students through age appropriate sessions that are sure to captivate.